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Beyblade Beta


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Beyblades are originated from a famous top that were known to be played with both adults aswell as children. These were called "Beigomas" and existed since the 17th century. The first ever Beigomas were spiral sea shells filled with sand then eventually created by lead.

Since these were created they have been a really big hit to Japan and the world, One example of the beigoma is on the picture above or in Titanic movie where the scene is set on the docks with a 7-9 year old boy playing one by himself. Many schools in Japan held tournaments, After world war 2 they began to loose their popularity and production of beigomas in businesses dropped. 

It was then in 1995 that Takara also known to be the BBA created the Gyro beyblades and Old Skool beyblades to revolutionize the famous  beigomas. Since then they have been renamed "Beyblades" with new high tech shooters we all use today.

Beyblades have been so successful that production started to fly straight up. Beyblades are now successful and a really popular game as well as the anime cartoon that captured the fighting spirits of people that will carry out beyblade through history